Modular construction in education

Modular construction in education Preschool, school and educational facilities are one of the fields where modular constructions assert themselves in the long term. Yearly, Algeco delivers hundreds of assemblable modular constructions destined for school and preschool facilities to the market, mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland and Great Britain.

Only in France, more than 1 000 classrooms with the total capacity of 30 000 pupils came into being thanks to the assemlable modular system. 3 700 assemblable modular units were used for their construction, 150 – 200 pieces are added every year. Solution of baby boom effects (mainly of strong 1970´s), financial savings compared to standard building, speed and flexibility (possibility of extending or other modifications) and complexity of delivery are stated among the most often reasons for the construction of school facilities by the technology of Algeco. In lots of cases, the modular system made possible to overcome causes of natural disasters, e.g. wildfire.

Advantages of the modular system Algeco

  • Relatively low costs – you can save up to one third of costs compared to standard building
  • Speed of construction – it is up to three fourths faster than standard building (approx. 45 calendar days)
  • Flexibility – variable arrangement of space (possibility of additional modifications, completion or reduction)
  • Mobility – it is possible to realize the construction almost everywhere and it is easy to move it
  • Complexity - Algeco offers operational crew for the building, solution in case of the lack of networks, complete installation, transfer, reconstruction, prolonged warranty, design and computer project etc.
  • Conformity with all needed standards, sanitary and ergonomic requirements for school facilities
  • International know-how
  • Complete production in the Czech Republic
  • The offer is examined by more than 50 years of experience of the Algeco group

    Certificates and atests of Algeco

    Algeco meets all needed standards, atests and certificates for school facilities including requirements for fire safety, hygiene, health and environment protection, safety at using, noise protection, energy savings and warm protection. Algeco is the holder EN ISO 9001:2000, Certificate PAVUS (for fire endurance) and Declaration of quality.

    Algeco´s pilot projects of preschool and school facilities in the Czech Republic

    The first pilot project of school facilities with the capacity of up to 100 children was realized in August 2009 in Mukařov (region Prague East). New building made of the total of 19 assemblable modular units Algeco is destined for a longterm usage. The investor decided to purchase the modular system Algeco.

    Modular construction in education
    Modular construction in education
    Modular construction in education

    Another project, this time a kindergarten, will be handed over by Algeco in January 2010 in Roztoky u Prahy. The aim of the project is to overcome (for the period of approx. 24 months) the stage of reconstruction and extending of the existing school facilities. The hired assemblable modular system will serve to up to 30 children.

    Examples of school facilities realized by the Algeco group abroad
    • Nottingham, Great Britain: A temporary education in the modules Algeco was assured from the second day after an extensive wildfire, which destroyed the current school facilities. In 39 days, a new school was built made of 40 modular units, which fully replaced the building destroyed by wildfire. Let us quote from a letter written by employees and children from the Nottingham facilities addressed to Algeco:
      „Thank you for the beautiful new building. You worked hard to make it perfect. We are very happy and we appreciate the cooperation with you and your colleagues.“

    • Leicester, Great Britain: The modular construction system Algeco, which enabled to make a variable use of the space, was used for the building of 40th kindergarten. Taking into account the long-term purpose of use, an above standard finishing of the modules´ exterior was highly appreciated.

    • Eschollbruecken, Germany: The hire of 23 modules of the Algeco system helped to solve the urgent temporary need (12 months) to place 50 children to adequate premises due to the reconstruction of the current kindergarten shool.

    Modular construction in education
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