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We offer successful solutions for using modular architecture. Flexible, cost effective and also practical and highly functional spaces that will satisfy the most demanding customer in every detail.

Offices, office rooms, multipurpose rooms, conference rooms, kitchens, receptions and concierges, open space offices, archives, toilets, changing rooms, canteens, ...
Office spaces provide a comfortable environment for efficient work, while giving maximum functionality that is tailored to individual customer requirements.

Simple storage facilities, large warehouses, air-conditioned rooms, rooms with special security areas, cold stores ...
Storage modules can be combined with office and technology sets.

Workshops, production plants, laboratories, extensions to existing production halls, bathrooms, changing rooms, building equipment, emergency rooms...
Your business will have facilities which will meet all the demands, needs and all legislative standards.

Schools and school equipment, kindergartens, mini-nurseries, day care centres and clinics for children, retirement homes, mobile crisis units, social housing ...
Lack of space in school facilities can be resolved quickly and in economically acceptable manner. We can implement both imaginative and practical modular buildings, where both students and teachers feel comfortable, that are consistent with all the necessary standards, health and ergonomic requirements for school facilities. Residential modules offer the possibility of additional modifications, additions or reduction in size to ensure an adequate network of social housing, hostels, guest houses, ... These buildings are suitable for both temporary and permanent solutions for increasing seating capacity.

Facilities for sport and cultural activities, clubhouses, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, information kiosks, public toilets ...
As various the free time activities can be, as flexibly the Algeco modules are used.

Photovoltaic power stations, electricity stations, diesel generating stations, gas distributors, heat exchangers, biogas stations, engine rooms, server rooms, heat measuring and controlling stations, air stations, cable network switch boards, boiler rooms...
Modular formations for technologies provide fully functional and flexible facilities. Supply of space technology from 24 hours to several days. We always accommodate our abilities to satisfying your immediate demands ...

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