Sale of containers

Containers made by the company Algeco s.r.o. can also be purchased. Modular construction systems Algeco are combinable, assemblable and 3-times stackable in accordance with valid statics. Algeco containers, as an alternative and economic solution which equals the standard building technologies, ensures the security and lucidity of your budget.

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Quality to the detail

  • If you opt for the purchase of a container – Technical availability of containers is varied and knows practically no limits.
  • Air-condition, porches, aluminium, plastic outer doors or outer staircase – no problem. Containers can be tailored to customers´ wishes by a set of mobiliary.
  • Algeco containers contain ecologically appropriate insulation material „mineral wool“. Great noise barrier and thermal insulation, unobjectionable in case of fire.

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Sales containers

Newly produced containers are considered as an advantageous investment in case of a long-term solution of „mobile facilities“.
  • Sets of containers equal to standard brick building in quality and workmanship
  • From planning to realization: A complex tailor-made solution
  • Security of planning thanks to fixed and guarenteed price
  • Short construction terms
  • Tailored design and equipment
  • High quality standard ensured by our own certified production
  • Possibility of delivering containers of unique dimensions
  • Use of materials containing no harmful substances
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A1 Container d.o.o.
Kidriceva ulica 38
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Tel : +386 3 492 30 80
fax.: +386 3 492 30 81
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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